Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ok so I am way late on this blog!  We closed two days ago and are moving this weekend!  I have been keeping up with several blogs on building Ryan Homes and I thought I would share my experience too.  To say the least my experience has been great and I love my shinny new home.  We also own a Condo which we are renting out starting in November.  We had not planned to buy a house for a couple of more years but with the rates being sooooo low and housing prices being really good, we just could not wait!  I am 27 and my husband is 32 we have no kids, but have a crazy cat that I love to death.

I guess first I will tell you what we built and what things we upgraded.  We picked the Milan model which is standard about 2550 sq feet and we added the morning room with brings us up to 2700 sq feet.  It is a very roomy house for just me, my husband, and my kitty.  We did receive $8,000 in upgrades as a promotion plus all closing costs including the loan origination fee.  We also negotiated $7000 off the price of the house.  We did use a realtor which was great.  All in all I think we got a great deal on the house and an even better interest rate of 4.25%.

Below is a list of upgrades we purchased.  I must say I love ALL of the upgrades we purchased especially the morning room which we almost did not get.  I am so glad I decided to get it.  If you are on the fence with about the morning room my advice would be to "Just do it" you will be so happy you did.
Brick Front (Grand Caramel)
level one upgrade cabinets (Maple spice- I could have went a little darker but was trying to save money :))
Granite in the kitchen (uba tuba)
Stainless Steel Appliances
Morning room
Hardwood floors in the dining room, living room, and great room (OMG they look amazing)
Up Up graded master bath with garden tub and glass shower surrounded in tile
Two vanities in master bath.
We also got various lights through out the house which I don't necessarily consider an upgrade.

We did not get tile (the included floors look just like tile to me) or an Island (this is one thing I wish I had gotten).  Last thing I did not get was the double sinks in the guest bath which I wish I had.  Like everyone else it looks odd with just one vanity because they put the toilet right up against the bath tub.  Therefore there is a big open space where the toilet "SHOULD" be.  Anyway not the end of the world we will eventually get the double vanity from the manufacture ourselves.  That was the only thing that did annoy me. 

We did use NVR for the mortgage to get the closing costs paid for.  They were very great to work with and our mortgage will be sold to Bank of America anyway.

The project manager and sales agent were also great very attentive and always available to answer questions. 

I would be happy to answer any questions you have and as I think of things I will add to my blog.  I will also add pictures of the inside once we get moved in.  For now I have added pictures of the outside.  Again I love my house it seems to be the best value in terms of sq footage and price for other new builders.  I will say that you will pay for every upgrade and things like full brick front can add up quickly.  But to me they are worth it.  Having a fresh new house is great!


  1. Congratulations! It sounds like your house will be wonderful. You chose some great upgrades and I totally agree about the morning room.
    Wow! You got some incredible incentives! That's great - although I'm a little jealous since we didn't get anything :( What city are you close to?

  2. We live in Charlotte North Carolina. I would like to post a picture. But I am still trying to figure it out.

  3. Congratulations...can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. I agree ur incentives are great....! i am definitely shocked about the closing costs....which ones were apart of the deal without u even negotiating? ours was a full finished basment and we also got a couple other things as part of neotiation. i wonder what other people also did u have a realtor to negotiate for you? Well congrats it does sound very exciting! cant wait to see pics as well.

  5. The $8,000 in upgrades and Closing Costs were a part of the promotions for the month. The $7000 off the price of the house was what we negotiated. And yes the realtor did negotiate the price for us. A full finished basement is a great incentive. In Charlotte there are not a lot of basement homes around.

  6. Oh ok, so maybe a total of like 20,000 off, thats really wonderful. I wish u luck, i seriously wake up every morning to read these blogs so i am so happy that urs was added! enjoy ur move and keep us updated on tips u have.

  7. Hi! I was hoping to get an update on how your new home with RYAN HOMES is going... my fiance and I are about to make a decision about which builder to go with and would love your insight :)

  8. HI!!! *waves* We're building a Milan in Concord!! =) We visited the Milan model in Charlotte, Hampton Place!

    You're home is beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the indoor pics! Congrats!